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ԓC¼·a늴ŲɳԽKȡĿǰЈĶN~CеɢLȣLrg12СrϡԓC߸ߡl{ݔl{ʹ÷㣬Чڴˮ졢ԇ򞣬ڲ̶ͬȵˮMЌԇˮ|~N~ٶȿ죬Ч@نλ˿ٲɫѾѾӰԺ,Уѧԡ,sheknows.comյĺùߡmϸؽˮȲIYԴS֮خͿջؙC ϵв~Cϵҹ˾aƷƣЧʽ^߳C30%ϡهȝOIIȼgaƷSuitable for all rivers, seas, reservoirs and other fishing operations. The money will be collected the same day in resource-rich areas. This series of fishing machine is our company's exclusive development and production of the main brand, the efficiency is absolutely higher than the market machine more than 30%. Is a leading domestic fishing technology products.

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    ԓCԭl䳬늴Ų,ҪᘌˮҼЄĴX, ̼, Kͺϵy,ó•~MKX񽛓ȱʹˮЇȱԴeˮ, _Ѳ׽Ч, K܌׌ӵĄ踡ˮⲶ(r^犏ͻ), KɲСԓCTᘌˮѪ,wѪ^ȫ

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    ҆λa늴Ųϵв~C1230r150rƿӣԓϵЙCͿɸȻˮΡyˮ|ȻˮxСe~NC͵ĹЧ~ȣʹN~͟o[~MҼˮѪﱻˮ档The electromagnetic wave series fishing machine produced by our company starts with a battery of 12v 30 ampere-150 ampere-hour. This series of fishing machine can fish any size in the natural waters according to the terrain of the natural waters, regardless of the water quality. The power of each type of machine can make all kinds of phosphorous fish, scaleless fish, turtles, turtles and other cold-blooded animals in the water stun and surface within the range of its effective floating fish.
     ɫѾѾӰԺ,Уѧԡ,sheknows.comr罭ˮ죬ʹҼl3-7ƽzƤ~оL_10-20ףCʹСLβ˄ȥzƤ2׵ĹҼl̾ 3ףβ˄ȥzƤ1׵ĹL̃ɾ^˽ϙCӴeݔᔣ춴ԣ֮ѾˮͿɆ_P~ˡǰbCҲɆδ~ᴬ~ɴx30-50ңƕrҪrҼЩwԔҊSCʹf



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